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Bamster's Driving Test Preparation Tips

The following is meant as a guide only. Bamster does not guarantee the accuracy or currency of the information below. We recommend you consult further with the RTA and your driving instructor for the most up-to-date advice.

Bamster can help you book your test, or you can organize it yourself, BUT before you book make sure of the following:

1. Are you going to be 17 or over on the likely date of your test?

2. Will you have had your Learners Licence for at least 12 months on the likely date of your test? (unless you were over 25 when you got your Ls in which case this restriction is waived)

3. Have you reached (or are you reasonably likely to reach before test day) your 120 hours (including 20 hours night driving) minimum required to be logged in your log book? Bamster strongly recommends you do MORE than 120 hours.

4. Have all your task requirements been completed and signed for by a supervising driver?

5. Has the "Declaration of Completion" been signed by one of your supervising drivers? (subject to 120 hours being completed)
Please do not ask your Driving Instructor to fraudulently sign for times or skills. It could cost them their career.

Please do not ask your supervising driver to fraudulently sign for times or skills. It could cost them, and you, fines and a permanent record.
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