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Booking Your Test

Bamster can help you book your test, or you can organize it yourself, BUT before you book, check our DART Preparation Tips.

Bamster can help make the booking process easy. As your skills improve and your logged hours increase start discussing your test arrangements with your instructor. Your instructor will probably follow this process:

1. Trial Test: Your instructor pretends to be the testing officer and tries to test you on a course similar to that in the real test. After the trial test your instructor will give you feedback and some idea of how close to "test ready" you are.

2. DART Book: Your instructor will give you a copy of the DART book which is the RTA's summary of the requirements of the NSW Driving Test. You may already have a copy (and they are free at any RTA). Your Instructor can give you some helpful pointers about the DART. Read it!

3. Test Booking: If your instructor is going to book the test for you, you will need to give her/him $46.00 up front. The RTA will not accept the booking unless they are paid. Your instructor will discuss with you the best options for locations, dates, vehicles, etc. He/she will then make the appropriate booking via the RTA web site or by phone over the next few days. Please note, we cannot guarantee you will get the booking you want. We will do our best.

4. Test Preparation: As the test approaches your instructor will show you the RTA test area that has been booked. If there is time he/she will give you further "trial tests". Bamster will also try to give you more advanced tests. These should help towards your driving test, but more importantly should contribute to your skill AFTER the driving test.

5. Test Day: If using an instructor the lesson/test will normally start about an hour before the test time. This will give you plenty of time to warm up and get to the RTA in good time.

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