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On the Day

On test day give yourself as much “peace of mind” possible. Check the pointers below. If you have an instructor then they should have a lot of these points covered. But there is no harm you being on top of things.

1. Confirmation: Make sure you have the date, time and location correct. We’ve seen the embarrassment!

2. Vehicle: Make sure your tyres, brake lights and indicators are all OK.

3. Log book: Make sure its ready. Everything is filled out. All 20 “task requirements” have been signed for by your supervising driver(s). All your logged 120 + hours (including at least 20 night hours) have been signed for and counted. The Declaration of Completion has been signed by one of your regular supervising drivers and yourself.

4. Presentation: Its not a job interview but it helps if you and your car feel presentable.

5. Reconnaissance: You should have done this prior to the day. But make sure you know where the RTA office is, where you will need to park and what counter you need to go to (you usually do not need to “take a ticket”).

6. Application form: Fill out your application form in advance. Its probably the same form you filled out to get your Ls. There are usually plenty of them at the RTA office so you can get there early and fill it out then. If you have a Learners Licence you do not need any further witnesses or references. Bamster supports the Organ donation scheme, but it’s completely optional.

7. Bring your licence: Along with the log book and the application form.

8. Do not be late: The test can be cancelled if you are only a few minutes late, so be early. The RTA is on a tight schedule. On the other hand, occasionally the RTA is running late. As long as you are waiting in the vicinity of the correct counter there should not be a problem.

9. Be prepared for the glare: Your testing officer will probably be wearing a bright yellow vest as required for O. H. & S. reasons. He/she will call your name, check your log book and licence, get you to sign a few bits of paper, maybe give you an eyesight test and then send you out to the car. Before leaving the car park you will do an indicator and brake light check. The rest is up to you!

"The only thing we have to fear is fearlessness itself"
- Henry Bammmster,
New Castle (Indiana), 1933

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