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Bamster's Top Ten Driving Test Preparation Tips - Part 2

6. Do you know what car you will be using for the test? It can be your instructor's car, the family car, a friends car, so long as it is "registered and roadworthy"

7. Do you know who your supervising driver will be? It can be your instructor or any other legal supervising driver. They have to help you get the car to the RTA and if you fail (it happens to the best of us sometimes!) they need to help you to get the car home.

8. Have you got $46.00 or a credit card? The RTA wants the money up front. If you book at an RTA office (often a hassle if there is a long queue) they will accept cash / EFTPOS / credit. If you book by phone (13 22 13) or online then only major credit cards are accepted. If your instructor books for you they will normally expect cash up front as it is their credit card that is immediately debited.

9. Do you know where you will be doing the test? Not every RTA office offers driving tests. In or near the Sydney Inner West you can choose from Five Dock, Marrickville, Lidcombe, Bankstown, Beverley Hills, Hurstville, Rockdale, Botany and Ryde. You can do the test anywhere it is on offer. Bamster suggests a place that is reasonably familiar and convenient.

10. Look 4 to 6 weeks ahead. Usually the next available test will be many weeks in the future. If you are likely to be fussy about exact times and days look even further ahead or look at several different locations. You may have to try several times over a period of weeks before your preferred option becomes available.
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"A driverís safety IQ is inversely proportional to how late they are."
- Sir Henry Bammmster
Detroit 1967

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