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About Bamster

Bamster Driving School was registered with the Roads and Traffic Authority in 2003.

Bamster is strongly committed to promoting road safety. We believe that the best way to get the message across is to be entertaining and informative.

We also believe that we have to keep learning. We are a member of the NSW Driver Trainers Association (ADTA).

"Bamster" was named in honour of the mythical early driving instructor Sir Henry Bammmster, whose grit, determination and questionable sanity was responsible for so much of the modern road safety industry.

Instructor/School Details:

» NSW Instructor Authority Number: 009788 (Class C manual & auto)

» Insurance: Comprehensive for vehicle (excess covered by Bamster). Public Liability for Instructor.

» Member of the NSW Driver Trainers Association (NDTA)

» Accredited to the national Keys 2 Drive program (NDTA)

"No steering no brakes.
Wish I had loved you better.
Who’s the learner now?"
- Basho Bammmster (Founder of Zen school of driving instructing)
Toyotashi, 1684

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